Kids and Junior Player Registration for 2023

Registration Fees for 2023
Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Junior and Youth player registration for the 2023 Winter football season is open with the registration process for Junior and Youth Player similar to 2022 with some small changes to process. 

Abbotsford Juniors Football Club registration fees for 2023 Season

  -  Registration for the 2023 Winter Season with Abbotsford Juniors Football Club (and all other Clubs in the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association) will again be completed in the Dribl Registration website and NOT in Play Football. 
  -  New to football players DO NOT need to register with Football Federation Australia and obtain a FFA number to play with Abbotsford Juniors
  -  Consideration should be given to uploading a new passport style photo of the player being registered to avoid issues with old or out of date photos when playing

  - Existing players returning from 2022 can use their existing Dribl Registration account to register in 2023, updating any required contact details as needed.

Step 1 - Obtain your Services NSW Active Kids Voucher (where eligible)
Abbotsford Juniors Football Club is a registered activity provider and you can use your eligible Active Kids Voucher against your player registration fee.  To obtain your Voucher, please visit the online Services NSW application page - Apply for an Active Kids voucher.

Step 2 - If required, create a Dribl Registration Account (
For players and parents who have not registered with Abbotsford Juniors Football Club or the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association last year, click Login (top right hand side of the screen) and select the Create Account button to setup your new account. 

Step 3 - Navigate to the Dribl Registration system and follow the steps detailed in our Dribl Registration Guide
You can manage and request multiple player (plus coach and manager) registrations from a single Dribl Registration Account.  For example, a parent who plays can register themselves and their 2 children from a single account and email address.

Important Notes:
Please note that it is important to register junior and youth players in their correct age group. Under the Canterbury and District Soccer Football Association ("CDSFA") competition, player age groups are based on the age a player will turn during the year, regardless of which day or month of the year they are born.  By way of an example, a player born on 20th March 2011 will turn 12 in 2023 and so the player should be registered to play in the Under 12 age group.

Players should not register for a higher age group unless by arrangement with a Coach or Team Manager who has received approval from the Club's Executive Committeeor as part of team selection through the Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Academy Team trials.

Early Bird Discount and Returning Player Cut-off
Abbotsford Juniors is offering a 5% discount off registration fees up until Midnight Sunday 12th February 2023.  This date aligns to the cut-off for returning AJFC players to complete their registration to ensure their participation and inclusion in their team from last year.  Registrations after this time will be prioritised on a first come, first served basis.  Regular registration fees will also apply from this time. 

Playing Kit for 2023
The player registration fee at Abbotsford Juniors includes a playing kit (football jersey, shorts and socks) that will be supplied to all registered AJFC players in 2023.   This will be a full new playing strip including jersey, shorts and socks with new sponsors and logos.  You will need to provide your own shin-pads and soccer boots.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2023, player jerseys will be supplied by the Club directly to team coaches and managers for distribution to players within the team – they will not be ordered on an individual basis.  Please note that while a range of jersey sizes will be provided for each team, should a suitable size not be available, an exchange will be possible for an alternate size jersey on nominated dates and times at the Abbotsford Juniors Club House. 

All player jerseys are to be collected and returned at the end of the year your team coach and manager.  A failure to return a jersey may result in the player/parent assigned the jersey being charged the cost of the jersey by way of a fine.

Player shorts and socks will need to be ordered from the Abbotsford Juniors Club Store by all players.  Players will be able to order one free pair of shorts and socks (delivery fee applies) using a special discount code supplied to all registered players by the Club. The Club will send a special discount code to all registered players so they can order their shorts and socks through the Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Store.

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