Football Canterbury Association - Fines and Charges

Every Abbotsford Juniors Football Club (AJFC) member, be they a player, coach, manager or volunteer, are encouraged to read the 2024 Football Canterbury Judiciary Disciplinary Appeals Regulations to ensure they understand the following:

    1. The actions that can lead to the
Association issuing a player, team and/or the Club with a fine;
    2. The Red Card process; and
    3. The Football Canterbury Association Disciplinary and Appeals process

Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour and that of their respective team group; all parents, spectators, players and team officials associated with a particular team must behave in a responsible manner. If a spectator misbehaves, it is the responsibility of the team to ensure proper behaviour is observed and assist the Club, Ground Officials and Game Officials in identifying people involved.

The Club understands that coaching and managing is a tough job, but we expect our coaches and managers to ensure that their teams play and behave in the manner that the Club has onlined in its Code of Conduct. If for any reason you or your team are struggling with non-complying players, parents or spectators associated with the Club, please contact an Executive Committee Member immediately and we will assist to ensure that the Club Values are maintained and enforced.

Fines and Penalties
1.  Fines for red-card send-offs in 2024 will be $80 per offence.  If this fine is not paid, then the player will remain suspended in Dribl and will not be available to play.  There is no avenue to appeal a red card or the automatic suspension unless in the case of mistaken identity which should be raised at the game for the referee to include in their report.

2. Other fines include but are not limited to:
    • Fixtures being forfeited too late (impact to referees)
    • No officials at a game
    • Playing an ineligible player (if you are unsure check, don’t risk it!)
    • No club ground officials
    • Swearing or spitting from players, coaches and/or spectators
    • Incorrectly roping off or setup of the field
    • Non-submission of the match sheet
    • Forfeit of matches within 4 days of the match day.

3. Any additional Association fines including costs for judiciary meetings will be passed on to the player and/or team concerned.

AJFC Disciplinary and Appeals process
• Association penalties and fines that the Club receives with regard to an individual player or team official will be passed on (along with any associated administration fees and costs) to be paid by the individual person involved. The Club has the right to withhold clearance of a player's record in Dribl until such a fine is paid.  A failure by the individual to pay may result in suspension from playing and, ultimately, de-registration. 

• Association team penalties and fines the Club receives in regard to a player, team official, parents or spectators associated with a team, will be passed on (with any associated administration fees and costs) to be paid by the team concerned. It is the responsibility of the team manager to collect any fines on behalf of the team. A failure by the team to pay within 1 week will result in the Club automatically forfeiting the team's matches until such time the fine is paid. A continued failure to pay a team fine may result in player and team de-registration. 

• If a player or a team believe that there are mitigating circumstances to a Association fine or penalty, you must advise the Club in writing as soon as possible.

• Players, managers and coaches should familiarize themselves with the appeals process and costs as laid out in the Association's Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeal Regulations.  All costs will be borne by the appellant and will only be reimbursed if (a) the appeal is successful and (b) to the extent that the club itself is reimbursed by Assocation.

• Suspensions cannot be appealed if the Association's Disciplinary Panel imposes the minimum sanction for the offence committed unless the player can provide evidence that he or she did not commit the offence. 

• In the event of a second red card offence, the player must front the AJFC Disciplinary Sub-Committee to explain why the Club should allow him or her to continue to play.

• If a player intends to appeal a Red card sanction, they must lodge an appeal firstly with the AJFC Disciplinary Sub- Committee. If an appeal is sanctioned, the player must meet the AJFC Disciplinary sub committee at Campbell Park Community Hall at a time to be scheduled by the sub-committee.


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