Coaching at AJFC

Coaching at Abbotsford Juniors Football Club
Abbotsford Juniors Football Club (AJFC), like many community football clubs, is dependent on our volunteer coaches to train, develop, mentor and support all our football players and their teams.  These volunteers are ordinary people from across our community; our parents, relatives, carers and our players.  Any member of our community, male or female, regardless of prior football experience, is encouraged to participate in what can be a very rewarding role as a coach or assistant coach.
Volunteers who register to become a coach or assistance coach are offered extensive support by the Club in the form of regular training opportunities and instruction, training equipment, online resources along with general coaching support and advice from AJFC Committee Members to ensure that they are successful in the role. 

AJFC Coach Responsibilities
The Club has created a list of the responsibilities of a AJFC football coach that can be downloaded here.

Registration as a Coach at AJFC
The first step to becoming a coach or assistant coach at AJFC is the process of registration (no cost) with the FFA and the Club.  Detail on how to register can be found here.

Coaching equipment
All the football equipment necessary for the season including training balls, cones and player bibs, a goalkeeper jersey and gloves plus a game ball are supplied to the coach of each AJFC team.

Coach Education
AJFC supports our coaches in completing the relevant coaching courses and certification for the age group they are coaching by covering the full or partial cost of courses that are run from time to time. These courses may be run by the Club itself or in conjunction with the Football Canterbury Association

The following coaching courses are recommended by the Club for the listed age groups:
Certificate                                                        Age Group                                         Course time
Grassroots Coaching                                          5-9 years                                            3 hours
Skills Training                                                    10-13 years                                         14 hours
Game Training                                                   13-17 years                                         14 hours
Senior Coaching                                                18 years and over                                 14 hours

Upcoming AJFC training events can be found on our website or Facebook page while coaches can also attend Football Canterbury or Football NSW events listed in the Events section of the Association's website.

Coaching Materials
There are a wide a range of coaching materials for the Football Federation Australia’s National Football Curriculum which are available for use by community coaches and provide a wealth of material and guidance to support coaches plan and implement their sessions.


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