AJFC Game Leader Fees

Game Leader Fees and Payment
Game Leader fees are payable to certified Game Leaders who attend and lead Mini-Roos football (Under 8 to Under 11) matches at AJFC home fields. 

For the avoidance of any doubt - any coach, manager, parent or even Club Official who acts as Game Leader for any game in the absence of a certified Game leader is NOT entitled to be paid.

1. Game Leaders must be paid their full amount prior to each game by the Abbotsford Juniors team when playing at an Abbotsford Juniors Home ground (Campbell and Lysaght Park). This is the HOME team in the majority of cases.  It is the AWAY team where an Abbotsford Juniors team is playing away game at Campbell or Lysaght Park.

Abbotsford Juniors teams are not required to pay a Game Leader when playing away from Abbotsford Juniors home grounds. 

2. Payments to Abbotsford Juniors Game Leaders must be made in cash and are payable by a single team (not both) according to the following table.  The game will not commence until all payments are made and match sheets completed. 

Abbotsford Juniors Game Leader Fees

2. The Game Leader Payment Record Sheet is the formal record of payment made by a team to Game Leaders and has space for up to 8 match payments.  The sheet must be completed by the team manager or coach and signed or initialled by the Game Leader at each match played.

3. Team Managers are responsible for ensuring team payments are made and that the payment record sheet is signed/initialled by the Game Leader attending.

4. We recommend that team managers take a photo of the Payment Record Sheet regularly as a backup reference

5. Once a form is complete with all 8 matches, please email a copy of the form to for payment

Match Day Game Leader Fee Reimbursement

1. Payments will be processed in batches and will typically take a week or two for reimbursement.

2. All payments will be EFT to the nominated bank account. Team managers must ensure their details are completed on each form submitted.

3. The Club will not split the referee fee reimbursement amongst 2 or 3 bank accounts. Teams (team managers) should arrange a single person/bank account to receive the reimbursement and where required, distribute payment to others that have contributed for match official fees.

4. The Club appreciates that teams (team managers) are out of pocket for the game leader payments and will try to be as efficient as possible in reimbursing these fees. Please understand that the Club committee are all volunteers and perform these tasks in their free time. If a game leader fee reimbursement is urgent for any reason, then please email and the Club will do its best to expedite payment.

In the case where a team does not show up for a game, and the game is forfeited, the home team is required to pay the Game Leader in attendance and raise a claim for the amount paid.

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