AJFC Ground Officials

Abbotsford Juniors Football Club (AJFC) like all other clubs within the Canterbury and District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA), are required to ensure that there is a minimum of one (1) Ground Oficial present at each home field/pitch that is hosting a match.  Where a match is being played at a neutral venue (or a night venue), both Clubs (teams) are required to provide a Ground Official.

Each week by 5pm Friday, the Club will publish a schedule for teams who are required to ensure that they provide a Game Official for their field and game.  This can be downloaded via the link below:
AJFC Ground Official Schedule

What is a Ground Official's role?
Ground Officials are responsible supporting and assisting Match Officials with spectator behaviour and ensuring that anything that is out of the ordinary conduct of a football match is reported.  This includes:

  - Preventing and stopping abusive or inappropriate behaviour by spectators towards match officials, players coaches or other spectators;

  - Ensuring that spectators do not enter the Technical Area or the playing field beyond the roped off area

  - Writing and lodging reports for incidents that occur before/during/after a match that are unusual or out of the ordinary including abusive language/behaviour towards anyone, all-in-brawls or fights, major injury or accidents
CDSFA Ground Official Vests
Each Ground Official must be clearly visible to all spectators at the field and be identified as an official wearing the designated Ground Official (orange hi-vis) vest.

Team managers are responsible for ensuring that a Ground Official is present at the field before the match commences and if not available, securing a volunteer parent (not coach or team manager) to act in this capacity during the match.

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