AJFC Game Leader Program

Introduction to Abbotsford Juniors - Game Leader Program
In 2022, Football Canterbury introduced a standardised Game Leader program across the Association where Club members were encouraged and rewarded for “learning” how to manage and lead games of Small-Sided Football involving our junior players.

Abbotsford Juniors Football Club is pleased to confirm the return of the Club’s Game Leader program in 2024.

The Abbotsford Juniors program is open to Club members (aged 11 or over).  All candidates are trained to “game lead” Under 8 to 11 Mixed games played on Saturday mornings and Under 8 to 11 Female games played on Sunday mornings at Campbell Park and Lysaght Park. Game Leaders will also lead Under 12 Female and Mixed team games on Sunday mornings, again at Campbell Park and Lysaght Park.

Game Leader training (introductory for qualification and refresher) is provided for all registered participants usually in March prior to season commencement.

What does acting as a Game Leader involve?
Being a Game Leader has a dual role. Game Leaders need to know the rules of Small-Sided Football but most importantly they need to keep the Small-Sided Football game going.  They are also expected to help junior players who are still learning how to play by showing them the correct way to do things when they are unsure.

Certified Game Leaders will wear special bibs that say ‘Game Leader’. These pink vests supplied by CDSFA are issued when a Game Leader completes their training, along with a whistle and rule summary card.

Game Leaders replace parent volunteers, coach/manager or club officials who have previously acted in this capacity.  They will be supported during their training period by a Game Leader Mentor at each Park and assisted on-going once qualified by Club Ground Officials. 

Parents of a younger Game Leader may wish to accompany their child to the games they lead.

Eligibility to be Game Leader?
Any fully registered AJFC member aged 10 or over is eligible to be a Game Leader.  Children aged 14 years or under must be accompanied by a parent or carer during their initial training period.

A Game Leader must attend training and their games dressed in suitable attire; shorts, socks and a dark t-shirt/jersey wearing football boots (shin-pads are not required). A Game Leader must have a watch to time the game (ideally with a timer or stopwatch). Ideally, a pair of shorts or shirt with a pocket is also useful to hold a notebook and pen (for recording scores).  While the use of a phone during the game is prohibited, the availability of a phone is desirable to allow access to the Dribl application for scheduling and score entry.

Learning to be a Game Leader for AJFC junior games is a great reward in itself.  Experience at other Clubs is that it gives young Club members a real opportunity to build confidence and take on responsibility. It is amazing how many skills a Game Leader learns that are incredibly useful life skills such as being decisive and learning how to make mistakes and move on.

All Football Canterbury certified and approved Game Leaders will receive the agreed Game Leader fee for every game they are registered for and lead at the ground.   Game Leader fees for the Abbotsford Hub (which covers Campbell Park, Lysaght Park and Nield Park) are as follows:
Abbotsford Juniors Football Club 2024 Season Game Leader Fees
Payment of our Game Leader is made by the Team Manager or Coach of the Abbotsford Juniors team at the game.  Certified and approved Game Leaders will also be entitled to receive a free drink (soft-drink or water) and sausage-on-a-roll after their Game Leader responsibilities are completed.  This may be collected from the Canteen by the Game Leader who must be wearing their Pink Game Leader vest.

Additional Information
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