Girls Development Squads

Abbotsford Juniors Football Club wishes to thank all players who attended the trial sessions held on Sunday 16 February and congratulates all players for their performances.  Please see below, listed by age group, those players who are being offered a position within the Abbotsford Juniors FC development program.

Congratulations to the players that have been selected.  The Club will be in contact with you as soon as possible with details of the development program and information as to when training will commence.

Players who have been unsuccessful will be allocated to teams as part of the team formation day in March 2020 following the registration process.

Under 11                                                                      
  - Alexia Mantle                                                        
  - Caitlin Collins
  - Catia Valenti
  - Eadie Scott
  - Esther Romaniuk
  - Geli Manning
  - Gigi Ferraccioli
  - Jessica Bell
  - Lia Bassett
  - Lydia Cowdery-Lack
  - Mireya Encina
  - Olivia Szczerbicki

Under 12
  - Annaliese Previtera                                            
  - Elizabeth Gambino                                              
  - Kristen Maguire                                                  
  - Mia Lloyd-Jones  
  - Mikayla Vloutis                                                     
  - Miranda Barbagallo
  - Zara Ters

Under 14
  - Alessa Ratnavadivel                                            
  - Gabrielle Wilkie                                                    
  - Kitri Irving                                                               
  - Lilly Wright                                                             
  - Sara Simeoni                                                          
  - Sienna Hayashi
  - Zoe Drakos
  - Kiara Pantalone
  - Summer Hatfield