On Friday 15th May 2020, the New South Wales State Government relaxed a number of regulations and restrictions placed upon the NSW community to enforce social distancing and protect the wider community against the significant threat of COVID-19. Specifically, outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people (adhering to physical distancing) are now permissible in NSW.  This change DOES NOT yet apply and allow for organised community sport returning to training. Work on a safe return to organised community sport and training is being coordinated by the NSW Government which will shortly issue advice and guidelines on how clubs are to conduct training safely in a COVID-19 environment. 

It is therefore critical that AJFC club members continue to be patient and DO NOT commence any form of organised team training at this time.

Individual training with two or three others is permitted in public parks as long as appropriate social distancing is maintained.

Important information in relation to this change and current Canterbury District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA) plans in relation to the 2020 season can be viewed in a letter from Amando Gardiman (AM) Chairman, CDSFA and a follow up letter to the Club in relation to possible penalties for not following this guidance.