Abbotsford Juniors announces the finalists for the 2022 Season AJFC Awards
Abbotsford Juniors is pleased to announce the Winners of the Club's AJFC Awards for the 2022 Season that were announced at the AJFC End of Season Dinner held on Friday 9th September.  Congratulations to all our Finalists on their contribution to an outstanding year at the Club and our heartfelt congratulations to our Award Winners for 2022.

Mini-Roos Coach of the Year (Under 6 and Under 7)
  Cathal Nugent (Under 7 Dingoes) AWARD WINNER
  Matthew Trofa (Under 7 Crocs)
  Dani Forrest (Under 6 Quokkas)
  Chad Gibson (Under 6 Koalas)

Boys Coach of the Year (Under 8 to Under 18)
  Luca Carichini  (Under 11 Division 3 B)
  Luke Simeoni & Craig Brokenshire  (Under 12 Division 1 A)
  Dean D'Souza (Under 12 Division 4 A) AWARD WINNER
  Joe Alessi  (Under 13 Division 1 & Under 8 Division 1)
  Joseph Corrente (Under 13 Division 3)
  Brent Howells & Anthony Trieste (Under 17 Division 1)

Girls Coach of the Year (Under 8 to Under 18)
  Robert D’Arrigo (Under 8 Girls Division 1)
  Mubarak Suleman (Under 9 Division 8 Mixed)
  Andy Wright (Under 11 Girls Division 1 A) AWARD WINNER
  John Encina (Under 13 Girls Division 1)

Team Manager of the Year (Under 8 to Under 18)
  Tanya Capobianco (Under 8 Division 2 Mixed)
  Lily Pante (Under 10 Division 3 Mixed)
  Eiranne O’Brien (Under 12 Division 3 Mixed) AWARD WINNER
  Rob Cassano (Under 13 Division 1 Boys)
  Marc Previtera (Under 14 Division 1 Girls)

Boys Team of the Year (Under 8 to Under 18)
  Under 12 Division 1 AWARD WINNER
  Under 13 Division 1
  Under 15 Division 1
  Under 16 Division 3
  Under 17 Division 1

Girls Team of the Year (Under 8 to Under 18)
  Under 8 Girls Division 1
  Under 11 Girls Division 1 B
  Under 13 Girls Division 3B
  Under 13 Girls Division 1
  Under 16 Girls Division 3 AWARD WINNER

Adult Team Official of the Year (WIL to Over 45)
  George Markarkis (WIL Division 2 A Female) JOINT AWARD WINNER
  Joseph Marando (All Age Women Division 6) JOINT AWARD WINNER

  Rob De Cosmo (Over 35 Division 6)
  Marc Previtera (Over 35 Division 6)
  Tyron Farmer (Over 35 Women Division 1 A)
  Nadine Gewargis  (Over 35 Women Division 1 B)

Adult Team of the Year (WIL to Over 45)
  WIL Division 2 B Female AWARD WINNER
  All  Age Womens Division 6
  All Age Sunday Division 2 Men
  Over 35 Women Division 1 A
  Over 35 Division 6 Men

Abbotsford Juniors Madeleine Wright Award - Volunteer of the Year
  Marc Previtera AWARD WINNER
  Craig Brokenshire
  Alex Dang
  Nicholas Ancona
  Tyron Farmer

Abbotsford Juniors - Junior Volunteer of the Year
  Miles Brokenshire JOINT AWARD WINNER
  Abigail Williamson JOINT AWARD WINNER

Abbotsford Juniors “Good Sport” Award
  Under 8 Division 2 Mixed (Robert Galati)
  Under 9 Division 4 Mixed (Adriano Calutti and Matthew Stafford)
  Under 8 Division 1 Mixed (Joe Alessi) AWARD WINNER
  Under 10 Division 6 Mixed (Jason Meares)
  Over 45 Division 3 (Keith Edwards)

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