Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Award Finalists for 2023

Abbotsford Juniors Football Club is pleased to announce the finalists for the AJFC Awards for 2023.  The awards will be presented at the Club's Annual End of Season dinner to be held on Friday 15th September 2023 from 7:00pm.  For details and bookings please see the AJFC website.

Mini Roos Team Coach of the Year Finalists
David Cameron (Under 6 Koalas)
Ciro Montouri (Under 6 Bilbies)
Ron Orgad (Under 6 Echidnas)
David Issa (Under 7 Gliders)

Boys Team Coach of the Year Finalists
Nick Merry (Under 10 Division 3 A)
Robert De Grazia (Under 13 Division 4 A)
Joe Alessi (Under 14 Division 1 and Under 9 Division 1)
Brent Howells (Under 16 Division 1)
Joe Livolsi (Under 16 Division 3)

Girls Team Coach of the Year Finalists
Frances Cordaro (Under 9 Girls Division 2 B)
Brent Gasper (Under 12 Girls Division 1)
John Encina (Under 14 Girls Division 1)
Salvatore Barbagallo (Under 15 Girls Division 2)
George Iliadis (Under 15 Girls Division 3)

Youth Team Manager of the Year Finalists
Laura Pike (Under 10 Division 3 A Mixed)
Daniel Majgaard (Under 11 Division 1 Mixed)
Nicole Irving (Under 13 Division 4 B Mixed)
Sabrina Di Cosmo (Under 13 Girls Division 1 B)
Lyn Croteau (Under 14 Boys Division 3)

Boys Team of the Year Finalists
Under 13 Division 4 A
Under 14 Division 1
Under 16 Division 1
Under 16 Division 3

Girls Team of the Year Finalists
Under 12 Girls Division 1
Under 14 Girls Division 1
Under 15 Girls Division 2
Under 15 Girls Division 3
Under 16 Girls Division 1
Adult Team Official of the Year Finalists
Abel Machin (MIL Division 3)
Steve Zantides (Over 45 Division 1 Male)
Nick Ancona (Over 35 Women Division 3)
Ostilio Pisanu (Over 45 Division 4 Male)

Adult Team of the Year Finalists
Male Intermediate League (MIL) Division 03
All Age Division 18 Men
Over 35 Division 3 Men
Over 35 Women Division 3
Over 45 Division 4 Men

Youth Volunteer of the Year (Paul Simeoni Award) Finalists
Luca Di Cosmo
Alex O’Brien
Jack Lygoris
Amelia Varanega
Eloisa Ancona
"Good Sport" Award Finalists
Chris Benes & Moses Nasr (Under 10 Division 5 C Mixed)
Joe Alessi (Under 9 Division 1 Mixed)
Under 16 Girls Division 1
Over 35 Women Division 3

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