2022 AJFC Academy Girls Under 9 to Under 13 Teams

Abbotsford Juniors Football Club wishes to thank all players who attended the AJFC Academy trial sessions for Girls Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12 and Under 13 teams held on Sunday 5th December and congratulates all players for their performances.

Please see below the lists of players in each age group that have been offered a position in their respective Academy team(s). Congratulations to those players that have been selected.

For players who have been offered a place as part of a retrial, the AJFC coaches of the team will be in touch with you and your parents to outline when these sessions will be held.

Those players who have been unsuccessful and wish to play with AJFC will be allocated to a team by the Club in early March 2022 as part of the registration process. We thank you for participating and wish you every success for the football season ahead.

Under 9 Girls Team

  1.   Caitlin O’Sullivan
  2.   Harper Price
  3.   Zara Bakhos
  4.   Abbie Joyce
  5.   Eva Joyce
  6.   Mala Andrews
  7.   Addison Nasr
  8.   Ariana Cassimaty
  9.   Abby Hyde
  10. Kayla Bassett
  11. Georgia Bonner

Under 10 Girls Team
  1,   Aaliyah Lorello
  2.   Alyssa Horne-Moore
  3.   Emilia Petrozzi
  4.   Natalia Graham
  5.   Ruby Low
  6.   Juliette Buckman
  7.   Madeleine Cesare
  8.   Sophie Kariotakis
  9.   Avamaria Iacono
  10. Kiera Briody
  11. Annalee Lemura
  12. Retrial

Under 10 Players for retrial
  1.  Madison Lee
  2.  Amelie Mijatovic
  3.  Hannah Masters
  4.  Isabel Armistead

Under 11 Girls
Two Academy teams are to be formed for the Girls Under 11 Age Group. 

BLUE Team (Coach: Andy Wright)
  Freya Wright
  Francesca Kong
  Nina Cordaro
  Chloe Cassimaty
  Eva Sattout
  Alessia Di Cosmo
  Sophia Paparatti
  Angelina Galanos
  Sara Alessi
  Gabrielle Buckman
  Lily Brennan
YELLOW Team (Coach: Mark McIntosh)
  Indira Andrews
  Elisabetta Zuppelli
  Ruby Selby
  Alexa Camarda
  Chelsea McIntosh
  Eva D’Amico
  Lily Gaspar
  Emily Gaspar
  Aurelia Graham
  Grace Coultan
  Vivien Roncevic
  Amelie (Milly) Manning

Under 12 Girls Team

  1.   Isabelle Styles
  2.   Eva O’Connell
  3.   Georgina Gray
  4.   Allegra Sciacchitano
  5.   Mia Scandizzo
  6.   Aria Price
  7.   Mali Hill
  8.   Emilia LoRusso
  9.   Florence Ellis
  10. Rosemary Full
  11. Storme Edwards
  12. Isabella Compagnoni
  13. Stacey Barnfield
  14. Maya Bassett
  15. Retrial

Under 12 Players for retrial
  1.  Sofia Presevezanos
  2.  Lara Petrozzi

Under 13 Girls Team
  1.   Alexia Mantle
  2.   Caitlin Collins
  3.   Catia Valenti
  4.   Eadie Scott
  5.   Esther Romaniuk
  6.   Geli Manning
  7.   Gigi Ferraccioli
  8.   Lara Como
  9.   Lia Bassett
  10. Luella Cordaro
  11. Lydia Cowdery Lack
  12. Mireya Encina
  13. Olivia Szczerbicki
  14. Lucy Summerfield
  15. Allegra Marando

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