AJFC Playing Kit FAQ

This page provides you with all the information you need to know about ordering your Abbotsford Juniors Football Club playing kit for the 2023 winter football season.

What is happening this year (2023) with Abbotsford Juniors Football Club football kit?
The 2023 Winter Season sees the introduction of a NEW football playing kit for Abbotsford Juniors Football Club with new sponsors and partners. As part of this change, ALL players whether they are new to Abbotsford Juniors or returning to play with the Club again for the 2023 season will receive a new playing kit as part of their registration fee (delivery fees apply). 

The process for obtaining an Abbotsford Juniors playing kit is changing for 2023 with our new partner, Belgravia Apparel providing a new ordering process via the new Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Store. Player jerseys will be ordered and distributed by the Club to your team coach and manager; shorts and socks will need to be ordered by the individual player.

Will I need to pay for my football kit?
All registered players confirmed as joining Abbotsford Junior Football Club in 2023 will receive an email from the Club with a Voucher code for the Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Store that will cover the cost of one pair of shorts and one pair of socks.  Any additional purchase(s) you make on your order will be at your own expense. The only cost that will be applicable is for delivery of your football kit order to your home.

How do I obtain my Abbotsford Juniors Football Club playing kit?
The process for obtaining a playing kit is changing for 2023.  This year, player jerseys will be supplied by the Club directly to team coaches and managers for distribution to players within the team – they will not be ordered on an individual basis.  All player jerseys are to be collected and returned at the end of the year your team coach and manager. 

Player shorts and socks will need to be ordered by all players from the online Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Store operated by Belgravia Apparel.  Players will be able to order one free pair of shorts and socks (delivery fee applies) using a Voucher Code that will be supplied by the Club to all registered players as they are assigned to a team.

The Club will send the Voucher Code to all registered players so they can order their shorts and socks through the online store.

When and how can I order my football kit?
Full detail on how to order your player shorts and socks is available via our How to Order Playing Kit Guide. The Club will provide you with a confirmed Voucher Code via email for your football kit.  Voucher Code emails will be sent from Monday 20th February to the primary contact email address for registered players.

I have more than one player at AJFC in my family, can I place one order for all of the football kit (shorts and socks)?
Yes. You CAN order each players' playing kit in one order by adding all the shorts and socks you need to the order and entering the associated Voucher Codes for each player in the designated field.

Can I choose my jersey number?
No. While we understand that players have preferred numbers, in a Club of our size we must adopt an efficient number allocation process using 2 to 99 across our age divisions (and 1 for goalkeepers).  Jerseys will be allocated to players by their team coach and manager once collected from the Club.
How will I know what size to order?
The Club is obtaining sample jerseys, shorts and sock sizes for players to try on at the Club Shed. Dates as to when these will be available will be publicised on the website and AJFC social media.

I'm a dedicated goalkeeper.  Can I order a goalkeeper jersey/kit?
Yes, you can.  However, each team will be provided with a goalkeeper jersey. By default, if you are not a full-time goalkeeper, a regular playing jersey will also be made available.

Do junior teams need a player to purchase a goalkeeper jersey/kit?
No, the Club will provide a goalkeeper jersey for those junior teams that do not have a dedicated goalkeeper.

How will I receive/collect my football kit?
All orders will be delivered (with authority to leave) to your nominated address (delivery cost applies).  There is no opportunity for collection from store.

What is the delivery timeframe for my playing kit order?
Playing kit orders may be placed any time from the AJFC online store opening.  As the production of Club’s playing kit is a bulk order, all playing kit orders (shorts and socks) will be pre-ordered and order held until such time as production is complete.  Order shipment to players will commence from Monday 20th March

Is there an order deadline to have my playing kit before season kick-off?
Players should ensure they complete registration with Abbotsford Juniors Football Club in Dribl no later than Sunday 12th March and place an order no later than Sunday 19th March to ensure that they receive playing kit for the start of the 2023 Winter season.  While the Club will do its best to facilitate registration and the provision of Voucher Codes for ordering, players who register after this time ARE NOT guaranteed to receive their playing kit by the first weekend of the season.

 I have ordered the wrong size playing kit - what can I do?
The Club will maintain a limited stock of shorts and socks at the Club Shed.  If you find that the kit you have ordered and had delivered is the wrong size, please bring it to the Club Shed where we will look to exchange it for a suitable size.  No kit, no exchange.

Do I have to return my football kit after the season completes?
All player jerseys are to be collected and returned at the end of the year by your team coach and manager.  A failure to return a jersey may result in the player/parent assigned the jersey being charged the cost of the jersey by way of a fine.  Your playing kit shorts and socks are yours to keep and do not need to be returned.

I am a member of an AJFC Academy team - how to I get my Academy kit?
AJFC Academy kits are ordered and distributed by the Club to academy team players. To allow for alignment of player numbers, these will be ordered and produced after regular playing kits have been assigned to players.
  Information on this process will be sent directly to AJFC Academy team members.

I can’t find the answer to my question, who do I contact?
If you have any other questions or issues related to Abbotsford Junior Football Club football kit, please contact

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