AJFC Football Academy for Boys and Girls

One of Abbotsford Juniors Football Club’s core values is to promote participation and achievement at all levels (Respect and Development).  Accordingly, the Club is committed to cater for players who wish to play at a competitive level and those who play for social/friendship purposes.

In 2017, Abbotsford Juniors introduced the concept of AJFC Academy teams and football trials associated with the creation of these teams.  The AJFC Academy is focussed upon providing the platform each year for boys and girls to play at the highest CDSFA competitive level in their age group.

Academy teams will be formed each year through publicised trials open to all players who register, whether or not they played for AJFC in the previous year.  Participation in Academy trials is optional.  Players do not need to attend the trial session if they want to play for social/friendship purposes or if they want to continue to play in an already constituted team.  Players who do not trial will be able to participate in AJFC teams formed by the Club in March upon completion of the registration period.

Players who are selected and accept a position within an Academy team will be offered priority access to additional paid skills development training coordinated and run by the AJFC Academy program. 
Players will also be entitled to purchase an Academy training kit package for their team (the contents of which may vary from year to year).

The following rules and guidelines govern the formation of an AJFC Academy Team:
1. An AJFC Academy team can only be formed through the completion of an open and public football trial process conducted by the Club.

2. Players must register their interest to trial and participate in the trials when scheduled to be selected in an academy team.

3. Players who played in an AJFC Academy team in the prior season do not automatically qualify for that team in the following season.  That is, all players who aspire to play in an academy team in the following year must attend the relevant trial for their age group to be considered.

4. Players who wish to trial but are unable to attend their age group’s trial session must email the Club at with their particular circumstances prior to the trial commencing.  These players may be considered for the academy team in their age group based on their playing history with AJFC and coach feedback from the previous year.

5. For the avoidance of doubt, players and their teams who are of a Division One standard (as graded by CDSFA) and who wish to remain in their playing group without an open trial process can continue to remain as a team and play in a Division One graded competition for their age group.  These teams will not be considered AJFC Academy teams and will not qualify for any academy benefits.

6. The Club, as directed by the AJFC Academy program, may elect not to conduct trials for an age group where there are insufficient players numbers in an age group, or players do not meet a minimum skill level sufficient to play in a Division One graded competition. 

7. If the Club does not receive sufficient pre-registrations for an age group trial, it may also at its discretion, cancel that age group’s Trial session with the result that no academy team is formed for that age group in that year. 

8. Upon completion of each Trial, AJFC appointed trial assessors will discuss each player and commence the process of selection of the Academy team.  These assessments will be provided to AJFC’s Academy Program, who will finalise the team selection for that age group.

9. The AJFC Academy Program may, at its discretion, discuss a prospective player’s footballing skill, attitude and behaviour with their previous coach(es) as an element of finalising the team selection. 

10. Where sufficient skilled players are identified through the trials, the AJFC Academy Program may choose to form more than one Academy team in that age group. 

11. Selected players will be offered a place in the academy team for their age group via email.  These offers must be accepted by a parent or guardian on behalf of the player via email by the deadline date.

12. Should AJFC receive insufficient player acceptance by players, the AJFC Academy Program may at its discretion, elect not to form an Academy team for the age group in that year.

A copy of the AJFC Academy rules and guidelines is available for download.

2022 Abbotsford Juniors Academy Football Trials
Abbotsford Juniors Football Club is pleased to announce that it will be holding its annual Academy (Division 1 Team) Trials at Lysaght Park, Bibby Street, Chiswick for Boys and Girls teams on the following dates:

Sunday 21 November:  Boys Under 8, Under 9, Under 10, Under 11
Sunday 28 November:  Boys Under 12, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17
Sunday 5 December:  Girls Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12 and Under 13

The Trial process is designed for players who would like to be considered for selection by Abbotsford Juniors to play in the Club's Academy (Division 1) Team in each age group. Trials are entirely optional and players are not expected to attend should they wish to play for social/friendship purposes only or in a lower division. Please use the link below to view important information about the Abbotsford Juniors Trial process and to register your child's participation.

Abbotsford Juniors Football Academy (Division 1) Team Trials for Boys
Abbotsford Juniors Football Academy (Division 1) Team Trials for Girls

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